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At Global Call Outsource, we like to be identified in the market as one of the most professional and adaptable inbound call centres. Our flexibility, affordability and the ability to convert calls to revenue has enabled us to grow and create a name in the inbound contact / call centre outsourcing market. This approach and level of service have helped us gain permanent client-base. We are successfully catering to their call centre needs and helping them fulfil their day to day targets.

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Do you want to engage more people towards your business?

Outsource Call Centre UK Services

If your work involves engaging with your valuable customers, then we know how to do it right.

Our work ethics and quality service has enabled us to team up with several UK-based businesses. We have successfully delivered the level of service that was expected. In our primary services, we include all aspects of virtual assistance, including customer support services. 

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Do you find it hard to provide your clients with adequate support? Are you looking forward to grab an extra pair of hands to help you manage your customers? Do you want a reputable company to manage the whole role of your customer support?

At Global Call Outsource, we understand the problem for businesses and therefore provide a professional call centre system. The main aim of our support services is to encourage customer satisfaction and retention. We are delivering exceptional services to customers of various industries. Our highly trained and certified team of dedicated agents and specialists to provide clients with adequate customer support services. The qualified staff are fluent and have good customer service.

Whether you are searching for an inbound customer services or professional call centre outsourcing, we offer the best and value for money packages. 

Primary services that we are currently offering are:

  • Inbound Customer Support
  • Non-voice Services
  • Booking and Dispatch Services
  • BPO (Business Process Outsource)

Inbound Customer Support

Delivering top-notch customer service for the clients. All our projects are flexible and according to the client's requirements

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When it comes to taking bookings and customer services calls, we are capable of providing optimal customer support services.

Bring professional customer service to your business at an extremely affordable rate and derive a customer-centric business approach by letting us deal with your booking and inbound customer support.

Our high-quality agents understand the requirement of a business and handle the incoming calls based on the technical knowledge and details on the product.

Non-Voice Services

Our non-voice services include all aspects of dealing with customers and clients without picking up the phone.

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What better than to have an agent available 24/7 with potential customers visiting your website at any hour from any part of the world. Our non-voice agents respond professionally and promptly towards any inquiry left by a customer. Their business development approach helps you generate valuable leads off of your website.

Emails are a significant part of any business. If you are tired of managing your overflowing inbox of emails, then Global Call Outsource is the solution you need! Find your inbox optimized, and your emails answered as soon as you start your day! 

Booking & Dispatch

Our Alliance with transportation companies across the UK to become a leading name in the UK taxi industry.

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Booking and dispatch services require customer management on another level. Luckily, at Global Call Outsource, we have been able to maintain the quality and level of service that a customer seeks.

We believe that a customer deserves immediate attention and answers to all the queries. Hence, we set up competent agents with complete knowledge of an area as well as the ability to respond to all the complaints and questions.

BPO Services

Anything can be outsourced if you feel the need of doing it as it helps you to cut costs. Contact now to know more

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We believe in offering BPO services for our clients at lower rates but higher efficiency and reliability. Think of a desk operation that can’t be outsourced and give us the challenge. We will tell you why it can be outsourced and how. Hence, Global Call Outsource has been able to tackle with difficult and challenging BPO projects from some of the renowned names in the industry.

Our work

We take pride in ourselves for providing the most professional agents, state-of-the-art technology and flexible operating procedures to deliver exceptional standard results.

Global Call Outsource Testimonials

Global Call Outsource has been able to deliver exceptional results for my taxi company. All their agents are extremely professional and make sure that the entire booking and dispatching operation runs smoothly and effectively. I am a happy taxi company owner with good numbers on my financial statements.
Ryan Doyle
Cab Company Owner
My professional relationship with Global Call Outsource has been nothing but awesome! Their agents are able to handle all my clients specifically the rough ones. I am happy to see the level of customer satisfaction in my business after choosing Global Call Outsource. 100% recommended if you are considering to outsource.
Rayan David
Trucking Company Owner

Do you require optimal customer service with great value for money?


1. Why are call centres outsourced?

Many developed companies seek to maximize their profits, and the only solution for that sometimes is cutting on their operational costs. Call centres are outsourced as they are a non-core function of the company and outsourcing to developing countries means that a business gets to focus on its primary objectives.

2. How to outsource the call centre?

A call centre is outsourced after thorough planning and discussion based on the quality of service, pricing and the ability of the agents. Call centre outsourcing is a significant responsibility hence handing over an entire operation is a big deal.

3. Why do companies outsource call centres?

Several companies are outsourcing call centres just to cut down their operational costs and get quality service while saving a lot on their overall revenue. Typically, outsourced call centres don’t charge that much hence they deem to be a reasonable option for many companies.

4. What is call centre outsourcing?

Call centre outsourcing refers to as hiring a virtual assistant offshore who will then tackle the daily operations and customers of a business.

5. How much does it cost to outsource a call centre?

Call centres are relatively cheaper than performing the function inhouse. The standard rates that an outsourcing company offers its clients are less than or equal to half of the cost that a business owner has to pay if they have the functions inhouse.

6. Why outsource call centre?

A call centre is outsourced due to different reasons depending upon the scenario and the need for a business. Some of the most popular reasons why companies consider call centre outsourcing is:

  • Maximize profits
  • Generate more leads and potential customers
  • Increase revenue
  • Cut operating costs
  • Obtain quality service

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