Why outsourcing a call centre is becoming a necessity?

Call Centre Outsourcing – An emerging trend

When a company considers
contracting out its call receiving services, whether in the house or to an
outside specialist, this is called call centre outsourcing. They handle all
your services like handling your credit card systems to appliances warranty.

Call centre outsourcing is active these days because it saves money. Companies think that it’s very cost-effective to locate in places where there is a lower cost of living. This way; they can pay less to their workers.

Trend of outsourcing

Outsourcing was introduced in the
businesses in 1989 by Mullin. Even after outsourcing was introduced, people
rarely used it in their companies. They only used outsourcing in companies when
they couldn’t perform a function internally.

By the 1990s, businesses had started to evolve by that time; hence; people were very much familiar with outsourcing. Outsourcing began as a cost-saving measure for many companies. SME’s started contracting with emerging service providers to perform their tasks like receiving calls and handling regular mails.

Points to Consider before Outsourcing

Outsourcing is beneficial, but
sometimes it can create an issue. People get scammed, robbed, or even provided
with minimal to poor service. Some of the critical factors to consider before
outsourcing are:

  • While considering outsourcing, make sure to check the past performance and capability of the chosen service provider.
  • Consider your budget and the amount you are willing to spend.
  • Make notes on whether you want to outsource offshore or onshore.
  • Perform market research to find the right outsourcing partner for your company.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Outsource has emerged as one of
the most common trends all over the world these days. Companies are contracting
with settled service providers to expand their businesses nationally and
internationally, and almost 40-50% of industries are outsourcing. Outsourcing
has a positive impact on companies due to several reasons:

Let’s talk about the significant benefits of call centre outsourcing

Subordinate Expenses

Call centres are beneficial for reducing the costs linked with operating a call centre. When expenses like transportation, overheads, operational, and labor costs are reduced, it can end up in significant savings.

Elasticity and Adaptability

Outsourced call centres, like GCPS, have profound knowledge in working with a variety of campaigns. Call centers are skilled in supervising changes in call volumes during the climax. It can be beneficial for a call centre to change its needs according to their clients’ needs. This flexibility and adaptable nature have compelled the Western world to outsource their needs.

Eradicates Staffing Issues

Hiring & firing, managing, and training of call centre agents are performed by the external service providers, which can save the company’s time and money. You can also find some of the most talented and skilled workforce operating in developing countries with a lot to offer your company.

Skilled and Standard Monitoring

Outsourcing can be very beneficial for the company because they record all the calls and store the transcripts. A schedule is set up to review all the documentation and record associated with the company. The information is then scored and monitored by the clients for an overall review. 

Reduce Call Rejection

 When the company signs a contract with the external service provider, the call rejection is, and long waits are decreased. The calls are received on time, and every customer will be satisfied with your company’s service. We all understand that companies lose 80% of their revenue due to poor and mismanaged services.

Increase service levels

To gain more customers, a company needs to provide the best services. Outsourcing can be beneficial in this matter too. The more the workers will be, the less the wait time will be. With increasing call volumes through outsourcing, the calls can be transferred to the other agents resulting in excellent services.

Access to Latest Technology

Outsourcing can help the company to get familiar with the latest technologies, and the company will not be responsible for any expenses. To provide the business best services, the chosen provider will provide all the latest technologies to the company. Most developed call centres have state-of-the-art gadgets and computerized systems to meet the requirements of the clients.

Expansion to International Market

For running the call centre internationally, the company needs to have local offices to understand their culture and speak the language. An outsourced call centre can be beneficial for understanding their time to time needs.

Specialized Industry Knowledge

Call centre outsourcing has every detail in providing services to various industries. Their agents manage different campaigns. Through providing different services to people, the company can earn people’s trust. The latest technology can help us in providing advanced services. If we have agents who can speak multiple languages, this can help our clients understand things which can be useful too.


Giving your customers time to time reporting on a daily or weekly basis can be beneficial. Companies provide customers with time to time reporting. This can help the clients in different ways, like they can have control over the data received and publishing schedule. Also, you would be able to keep a record of your ROIs and revenues.

Where to outsource?

The company needs to know exactly
where to outsource. While outsourcing your organization, the company should be
cautious and pay keen attention to outsourcing. Outsourcing is globally rising
all over the world.

 Countries like the Philippines, India, and Pakistan are taking advantage of outsourcing. Western world countries prefer call centre outsourcing to Pakistan due to several reasons. 

Reasons to Outsource to Pakistan 

· The IT and customer service industry in Pakistan is booming, which means that there are many young workforces. This work-oriented and tech-driven youth strive to work for international companies as they have to offer a lot. 

· When it comes to potential and professionalism, the young professionals know their way around delivering efficient and reliable services. 

· The currency of the country is still stabilizing which means that talented people can be attained with little effort 

· Internet services are outstanding in the country, providing fast access to anything across the globe.

Anything can be outsourced! 

It is a wild misconception that only
call centre needs can be outsourced – a mythical misconception. Digitalization
of the modern world has enabled man to access anything across the globe with
the help of few clicks. 

This has enabled the possibility of anything that operates in a regular office to be outsourced.


Outsourcing is one of the most rising
trend these days. Outsourcing is handling your company’s function to the
service providers, which can help you in different ways. These methods are
often considered as extraordinarily cost-effective and affordable. It can be
time-saving and help a company to expand widely.

 Outsourcing can provide many
benefits to the company like the latest technology, fast services, etc. which
attracts small businesses. It also offers multiple benefits to the small and
medium business that don’t have much support from in various sectors by
contributing to their revenue and ROI. 

One function or multiple, if you plan
to give your business to the third party, make sure to research thoroughly and
choose the perfect match for yourself.

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