What is Business Process Outsourcing

What is Business Process Outsourcing?

When an organization outsources its operations and responsibilities to a third party on contract basis service providers, it is called business process outsourcing. Those operations include payroll, human resources, accounting and customer services roles. Business process outsourcing is becoming a trend in the business industry due to the ease it is providing to the organization. Let’s discuss What is Business Process Outsourcing? and how it is benefiting the organizations.

When the other agency or organization is specialized and have relevant experience in any field, a company will outsource its operations to that particular agency. In return, they will perform those tasks more effectively. Organizations mostly outsource their non-core business activities and then pay full attention to the core activities.

An organization needs to have control over the activities of the outsourced agency. They should keep a check on the work they are doing. They should also make sure that all the tasks are performed timely and expertly. They should ask for a report monthly from the outsourced agency, so they know that every function is delivered on time. A company should maintain software for keeping a check on the agency because it will be hard to maintain a check on the work.


Many companies might find outsourcing as a difficult task. Still, once you find the right company to outsource, it can benefit your organization in many ways. Here are some of the advantages of business process outsourcing:

Lowered Cost:

Hiring someone for outsourcing can help the organization in a way that it can reduce the cost of the organization. As the business doesn’t have to pay any fixed price to the outsourcing agents and can pay only when they have a specific task to be performed. Many companies prefer outsourcing their tasks in underdevelopment countries which can save a significant amount of money. The company can then use this amount on their core activities.


Outsourcing non-core activities can create flexibility in the organization. Firstly the organizations don’t have to pay for fixed assets so that amount can be invested in variable cost. It also increases the flexibility of the customer’s resource management and helps to adapt much more quickly to changes in the environment.


The most significant advantage that BPO can give to an organization is that it can help the organization to speed their tasks. The outsourced organization will perform the assigned tasks effectively and on time. So, the organization can focus on core activities. This fragmentation of activities accelerates the entire process and is very important in cases such as customer service. This fragmentation of activities accelerates the whole process and is very important in cases such as customer service.

Skilled Manpower:

You are ensured of exemplary services provided by skilled workforce when you outsource one of your business activities to a BPO. So if you outsource your supply chain management, be assured that skilled supply chain managers who are experts in their field will handle your supply chain. The same applies to IT or accounting services, etc.

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