How to be a Good Salesperson over the Phone

How to be a Good Salesperson over the Phone?

Selling over the phone has many advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of selling over the phone is that you can make more sales and can meet more people. Plus, it can save enough time. When you start talking to more potential clients, there are chances that you make more sales, and it can benefit your business.

When a person talks over the phone, their presentation doesn’t matter; the thing that matters the most is the way salesperson communicates over the phone and the voice. Speaking to the customers in a friendly and soft tone can help you impress the customer, and it can increase your sales. It is extremely important to understand how one can be a good salesperson over the phone.

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Important things that can help a person to become good salesperson:


An essential thing while selling a product is your energy. The more active the salesperson will be, the more interest the customer will show in buying the product. When you are not energetic and confident about the product, the customer will be the least interested.

It is essential that you have detail knowledge about the product, and you should be convincing. You should be able to talk to the customer for 15 minutes straight. It would be best if you had good stamina and should answer all the questions that customers have. Even if you don’t know the answer, you should be confident enough to answer them.

Business vs. casual:

Calling your customer with the last name or formal titles can leave a wrong impression on the customers. The salesperson should call the customers with the first name, and they should be soft-spoken. Some of the salespeople are very casual towards their clients, and they talk to them in an amiable tone. A salesperson should know how to balance between casualness and formality.


The salespersons need to ask the customer if they are free to listen. Before starting a call, it is essential to know whether it’s a good time to call the customer or not. As they don’t know about your latest product or your product line, it can be possible that you are requesting the other person at the wrong time.


A salesperson should never ask the items from the customers. They should make sure that they don’t use words like “could,” “should,” “would.” They should sound pleasing and motivating.

Social skills:

Bring on the talk. A salesperson should be familiar with how to start a conversation and how to maintain a friendly, professional, and exciting communication. They should watch talk shows, interviews, etc. So they have an idea about how to be confident while talking to the customers.

This is how one can be a good salesperson over the phone. Right questions focus on the client’s points. Remember how, in the discussion, they use facts and history to make the person feel comfortable and open up.

Eliminate fillers:

Also referred to as “fillers,” facial tics are often interpreted as a sign of confusion that distracts you from the consumer. Alternatively, if you feel the urge to add “filler” such as “umm” or “like,” you can take a brief pause to get the customer to hold on to every word.

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