Outsourcing Technical Support Advantages and Disadvantages

Outsourcing Technical Support: Advantages and Disadvantages

Before start discussing advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing technical support lets know some basics:

What is outsourcing?

The practice of hiring the employees from outside the business, so that the services can be provided and goods can be manufactured which was performed earlier by the company’s employees is called outsourcing. Outsourcing helps a business in a way that it can be cost-cutting for the business. Plus it can also provide jobs to so many people because this way the company has a wide range of jobs from customer service to manufacturing the back office.

Outsourcing was introduced in 1989 and became an essential part of the business in 1990. It is still a controversial topic in some countries. According to some countries, outsourcing is the reason behind the loss of domestic jobs. Whereas in other countries it is said that it is beneficial for the business and the company’s economy as well.

Outsourcing can be cost-effective because the required work can be efficiently for less money. It can also help business in a way that by outsourcing your business all the small tasks are performed by the other company and this way you can focus on core activities of the business. This can also lead to rotating times, increased competitiveness within an industry and can cut the overall expense of the business.

Today, billions of businesses are outsourcing. Mostly the company that has either a shortage of labor or where the labor cost is too high outsources their business. With the orientation of a business inclining more towards tech-based products, there are certainly a good number of people looking forward to outsourcing their tech support. However, what comes with advantages also has a few flaws on the hand. There are different advantages and disadvantages of Outsourcing Technical Support.

Tech Support and Business process outsourcing:

Tech support is a major part of your regular list of BPO services. To understand how tech support is related to BPO, we need to understand the meaning of this word.

Technical Support Advantages and Disadvantages

Services that are provided by companies to users of technology products or services are referred to as technical support. Technical support includes support over and above the instruction, delivery or modification of a company or other supportive resource for specific issues for a product or service.

In shorter words, we can say that technical support means all the services provided by one company to another or one set of people to a company in terms of technology products.

BPO and Tech Support

BPO is an activity of giving some part of your business to other smaller business. It helps a business in performing their tasks at less cost. The use of BPO has increased in the past so many years that profit, nonprofit, and even government offices and agencies take advantage of this service.

Most offices operate two main areas of work that are; back-office functions and front office functions. A business can outsource any function that they desire. Tech support is considered as a backend function of an operational office. Hence;  very easy to outsource.

Types of BPO:

The companies provide BPO services to the businesses all over the world. Here are the types of business process outsourcing based on service providers.

Offshore outsourcing / Offshoring:

When an organization contracts with a company in a foreign country for services it is called off shoring. 

Onshore outsourcing:

When an organization contracts with a company that provides services within the country, it is known as onshore outsourcing.

Near shore outsourcing: 

When the service provided company are the neighboring country that is known as near shore outsourcing.  

Benefits of Outsourcing Tech Support:

BPO can be beneficial for the business in different ways.

Cost-effective method

BPO technical support can be cost effective, time saving and it can provide higher quality and better performance. An outsourced service provider can provide a better and cost effective work to the organization than the people already working there. This is the reason that country higher the outsourcing service providers from developing countries like, Pakistan, India and Malaysia etc. this can be really helpful in saving money. This can result in increasing the profit of the organization.


Another benefit is that BPO technical service can provide is flexibility. This means that the source you are outsourcing your task to is already capable enough to understand the changes and trends in the industry as well as how to adapt to different scenarios. Hence, flexibility is a major factor.

Focus on key points

It can provide also help the business by focusing on the core activities of the businesses because other activities will be outsourced.   

Skilled Labor

A company can obtain an experienced set of technical guys by outsourcing their tech department. Professionals of IT are readily available in countries like Pakistan where the IT industry is booming with each day. To get your work done efficiently and provide the best services to the customer it is important to focus on the core activities of the business. An outsourcing agent can do this work effectively.

Better Risk Management

Outsourcing can help you by managing your risk. The company can share its associated risk with the outsourcing management and the expert can help you reducing your burden.

Run your business 24X7:

When the business outsources in a different country with different time zone like India and Pakistan can provide benefit to your business that you can run your business 24/7. The difference between the time zones can be really beneficial for the business.

Cut costs and save BIG:

All these advantages come with the biggest advantage that is that it can result into saving a huge amount of the company. As we have discussed before the outsourcing in under development countries can help you save a big amount of money due to the difference of currencies. Company can hire a skilled labor at very less cost.

See an overall increase in your business:

Outsourcing can result in an overall increase in the business. It provides the best services because of skilled labor which can help increase the customer loyalty. It can help the company increase the level of quality, profit and customer’s trust.

Disadvantages of technical support

With the positive impact outsourcing can impact your business in a bad way too. Here are some of the Disadvantages of outsourcing technical support.

Loss of Managerial Control and Possible Quality Issues

Outsourcing can affect the business in a way that when you sign a contract with the other company the environment of the business can be changed because that company might have some different rules and targets of their company which can affect your business. The outsourcing company will be motivated by profit, as opposed to specific metrics that you would have if the function remained in-house. 

Threat to Security and Confidentiality

There are certain rules and regulations of the companies and security and confidentiality of the data are one of them. It is really important that the data of the company is not leaked in any case. Outsourcing can be a risk to the company’s data. When a company outsources its services the data like employees personal details are no more secured.

Impact on Employee Morale

It is really important for the company to deliver the message of outsourcing to the company because it can create an image in employee’s mind that their job might be at risk. This can lower the morale of the employee.

Conclusion – Is it worth outsourcing the tech department?

People working in the tech department face a lot of difficulties in their day to day operations. To make the tech department smooth and running all the time, it is worthwhile to have it outsourced. Despite the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing technical support developing countries like Pakistan have a lot of potentials when it comes to dealing with technology and tech-oriented services. Therefore it is advised that you seek the services of some of the most professional companies like Global Call outsource for the complex technology department of your office.


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