Call Centre Outsourcing Services

Contact / Call Centre Outsourcing Services

We believe in providing optimal contact / call centre outsourcing services that not only ensure that each customer is sent satisfied and happy but also how to maintain the returning customers. 

Entrepreneurs who know the value of customer service choose Global Call Outsource and for them, we have been successful in providing them with the level of service that they deserve as our client.

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Why look for someone else when we are right here to assist you in network building and customer retention with our inbound customer support services?

High-Quality Call Centre Outsourcing

At Global Call Outsource, we specialize in performing all inbound customer care and call centre services. The profound skill set of our agents allow them to convince any customer and compel them to leave a useful review in the end. Since our focus is to provide the companies with quality inbound customer services, our drive towards improvement and excellence has been an on-going journey.

We believe in training our agents until they become masters of customer service and are able to handle any scenario at hand. The purpose of this customer-centric training is to create awareness among our agents regarding quality inbound call services and enable them to succeed in generating positive revenue and meeting the targets efficiently

Inbound Customer Support

When a customer communicates directly with the business, they consider picking up the phone and calling. Hence, the business needs to remain active and responsive. One of the issues that many companies struggle with is being available all the time but with us, that’s no issue!

Availability is not an issue when you have Global Call Outsource as your inbound customer care representative. Not only are we available for your customers 24 hours a day, but we also believe in providing quality services to various businesses.

Interaction with customers is not easy, and a sales representative must be qualified and trained enough to engage and handle any customer. We make sure that all our agents are skilled and trained to create a natural yet convincing interaction with your customers. The art of positive and interactive communication over the phone helps in developing a brand identity for your business.

Non-Voice Services

With the development of the internet, the use of Emails and another medium to interact has become quite common and widespread. 

Many people tend to leave messages and emails rather than calling. We understand that a business is more likely to receive emails and visitors on their website regularly.

To handle online visitors and emails, we provide agents who are available all the time for the visitors. With their professional inter

Email Handling

A well-executed email can generate a substantial ROI. With time, emails have become the most common means of communication for businesses. A professional Email goes a long way, and we know how to make your emails look professional than ever!

Live Chat Support

How convenient it is for a visitor to open your website and find answers to all his queries through live chat support. Our affordable rates and 24/7 availability means that all the visitors on your site are answered professionally and thoroughly.

Booking and Dispatch Services

Do you own a transportation company? Are you not giving it enough time? Is the operation handling too much for you? Did you know that many businesses lose almost 80% of their regular revenue because of substandard customer service?

Well, if you are facing these problems in your daily transportation business, then you can always have us to do it for you. Apart from regular call centre services, we are also providing booking and dispatch services focused solely on the transportation industry. Our booking and dispatch agents are trained from scratch to become young professionals with proper area knowledge.

Apart from being 24/7 available for your needs, our staff is also bilingual meaning that the communication and accent would be clear and thorough while dealing with the customers. From VIP chauffeured services to the rough and tough taxi services and trucking industry, Global Call Outsource has been able to meet the requirements of all the sectors successfully.

The rates that we operate on are quite affordable, considering the quality of our service and the free trial service allows you to make a decision quickly.

BPO Services

They say not all operations can be outsourced. We say, bring it on! Our marketing and sales team continually focuses on finding new markets to serve.

We believe that every operation or department that runs on a day to day basis can be outsourced.

Our back-office support is fully capable of operating regularly for companies who demand quality and dedication to work.

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