How much does a Taxi Dispatch System Cost

How much does a Taxi Dispatch System Cost? | Best of UK Market 2020

What is a Taxi Dispatch System?

A taxi dispatch system is a software that helps the agents for allocating jobs to the drivers. A mapping system is used for allocating the jobs, these systems can help the agents to know about the pick-up locations. These dispatch system can be helpful, as the customers can easily book a taxi and also helps in managing the data for the taxi companies.

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The taxi dispatch system is one of the latest and best techniques because they help the taxi drivers and taxi companies in different ways. It can help the taxi companies to allocate the jobs to the drivers and also the customers can easily book a taxi whenever they want.

What are the features of Taxi Dispatch System?

These are some of the features of taxi dispatch software:

Driver Application Feature:

The unique login details and GPS tracking system will help the driver to take the bookings and also organize the passenger inefficient ways.

Passenger Application Feature:

This application can help the passenger to book a ride and they can also keep track on their previous rides.

Admin Panel:

This includes managing the dispatching and dispatchers and also the taxis located in the given areas and give accurate details about the dispatch benefits.

Now we know what taxi dispatch software is, how it works and what are its features. Now, let us discuss:

How much a taxi dispatch system cost?

We can’t tell that what exactly a taxi dispatch system may cost because the price varies. Every software has its own price. One can make its own software or can make changes in the selected software. Taxi dispatch software is helping the taxi industries in numerous ways. All the taxi dispatch systems are providing facilities to the taxi industries, the drivers and the customers too. The booking can be made through software.

UK is offering different dispatch systems at the moment. And every software costs different. The software can cost £195 and it can vary if you want to add or subtract anything from it. The following are some of the software in the UK.


Samsara is a cloud-based fleet management system which includes features including GPS tracking, truck tracking, dashboard camera, routing and dispatch, and more. It is designed to help small and medium-sized fleet operators track their fleet’s physical location and control the actions of their drivers to avoid complaining about ELD and FMCSA regulations.

Booking tool
For your transportation and livery system, Booking Tool is a cloud-based fleet management software solution.  The platform allows limousine and shuttle companies to streamline quotes, booking, booking management, dispatching, scheduling, invoicing, GPS tracking in real-time, and more through an intuitive interface.  Processing of payments is included through Authorize.net, Square, Braintree, Stripe or PayPal. Give your clients the ability to book an airport, hourly, point-to-point, or shuttle booking via a computer, tablet, or mobile app.

Verizon Connect Reveal Software

Verizon Connect Reveal is a cloud-based fleet management solution that is suitable for SMEs. Users can view all drivers on a map and detect their behavior such as hard braking, quick start, hard corning and other vehicle misuse automatically. The solution sends real-time push alerts to report hazardous driver behavior to dispatchers and supervisors. It offers a dynamic driver map view to allow dispatchers to quote customer arrival time.


Omnitracs is a fleet management platform based in the cloud that helps companies control route planning and delivery of vehicles. The solution allows for the management of six aspects of fleet management by commercial fleet owners: regulation, data and analytics, scheduling and execution, performance, safety and security, and transport management. Omnitracs is designed for small to large enterprises across numerous vertical divisions such as trucking, manufacturing, distribution and heavy equipment.

Plug and Play GPS Taxi Tracker

Back2You’s Plug and Play GPS Taxi Tracker comes with many beneficial features including easy installation, movement warnings, speed updates, and monitors how fast your drivers are going. This could be an excellent taxi option that could benefit from being able to quickly switch a tracker to another car. Back2You are a highly regarded business with many outstanding Trustpilot ratings, with customers saying the service is excellent and the staff is friendly and supportive.


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